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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

This is a quick note to say thanks for the great work that you and the SERVPRO team have been doing so far.  After the extensive fire damage that started in our garage, SERVPRO has been with us every step of the way---from securing our home, developing an inventory of household items, cleaning up the damage, and rebuilding.   We have been particularly impressed the professionalism, know-how, and collaborative nature of the SERVPRO team.  SERVPRO has worked seamlessly in communicating and coordinating with all stakeholders involved, including the fire department, insurance company, and, most of all, my wife and I.   We are glad we have SERVPRO as a critical member of the team that will get us back in our home and back to normal as fast as possible!

Keep up the good work SERVPRO.  We are counting on you, and are confident based on what we’ve experienced so far, that we made the right choice!

After experiencing an oven fire on our manufacturing floor, resulting in our entire facility being covered in soot, we were at a complete loss. Not knowing where to turn or what to do first, just then a representative from SERVPRO showed up at our door, what a blessing.

We met with SERVPRO, discussed the incredible amount of clean-up and restoration we were looking at and how long they thought it would take to complete. After a lot of brainstorming we were able to come up with a plan that would have us operational in 10 days. We all knew this was extremely aggressive, but our customers, employees and their families were counting on us to succeed.

Over the next 10 days SERVPRO had crews here around the clock. As for the amount of work getting completed each day, the plan was so well orchestrated by SERVPRO that at times it looked effortless. The communication was clear and direct, and everyone was on point.

On the 10th day SERVPRO true to their word had us operational. I’m not sure what would have become of our situation if it hadn’t been for the Leadership of Bill Kelly and the SERVPRO team. We are extremely grateful for the guidance provided by the SERVPRO team. 

We could not thank them enough!

Quick response and Finish in timely manner.

I personally have not used SERVPRO but I know Bill and his team who have done work for my friends and clients. They were extremely prompt, getting in touch within 24 hours after the accident and walked them through the whole process and the house looks better than before the accident ever happened!

The team was very professional, on time and within budget. All members of the team were personable, polite and very understanding of the stress a homeowner feels during the process. Great professionalism with the proper concern. The are truly pros!

SERVPRO is a great company to work with, we highly recommend working with them. 

Paul and Ali are lifesavers! Thanks again for your help, SERVPRO!

The crew was very good. Tyler and Jeremy came straight away, thanks for the help.