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The Proper Steps When Handling Mold Damage

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

The Proper Steps When Handling Mold Damage

Black mold is problematic, but many people think they know more than they do about black mold. What people don’t realize is that all mold is a problem, and it’s not just black mold they must worry about. Many business owners who find commercial mold damage make the mistake of assuming it’s only a concern if it is black mold, but this is not true. All mold growth is a problem primarily because it grows so quickly and spreads so fast. It does require humidity and moisture, which is why mold damage occurs most often following flood damage and leaks.

Commercial mold damage both require the assistance of a professional restoration company to deal with remediation, mitigation, and the mold removal process. Along with assuming black mold is the only mold damage worth worrying about, many people also believe they can handle commercial mold damage on their own. If it’s not a big problem right away, they might think mold growth can be handled without a restoration company, remediation, or mitigation. This is not true.

Call The Professionals

A restoration company is specially trained to deal with remediation, mitigation, and mold removal. They have the proper equipment designed to handle deodorization, drying, and other processes. One of the main issues with mold damage is the smelly odor it emits. When it happens at work, it’s difficult to find deodorization techniques that work more than a few hours. It’s professional mold removal and their deodorization that gets rid of that smelly odor for good.

Mold growth behind walls is another common problem when it comes to commercial mold damage. People don’t dry their businesses well enough, they don’t know their pipes are leaking, and they don’t have the proper tools to remove water damage. When mold growth behind walls occurs, it might spread for months causing major damage before anyone realizes it is happening. Mold growth behind walls is a big problem, and remediation and mitigation are required when it’s found.

Signs of Mold Damage

Mold growth can occur anywhere, but there is always a chance that there are signs long before you notice the mold damage. Dry rot is a major sign of mold damage. Dry rot happens inside walls when there is too much moisture and humidity. When dry rot occurs, it might mean there is water damage somewhere. If a business owner finds dry rot, they might consider doing a search for mold.

The smelly odor that doesn’t seem to respond to deodorization is another sign of commercial mold damage. Mold growth behind walls is often most noticeable due to this smell, which is why people should take note.

The presence of any mildew and fungus might indicate mold is a problem. Mildew and fungus are both common in bathrooms and in other rooms where water and moisture are more common, but both might indicate there is a mold problem. If mildew or fungus is present anywhere, it’s time to call a restoration company. Never attempt to clean up fungus or mildew without help.

What to Do Next

While business owners wait for mold removal pros to arrive, they can do a few things to help. They can begin removing water damage from any building. They can also turn off the hair and heat system in the building. It’s a good way to ensure that mold spores aren’t able to travel faster through an office prompting a smelly odor or mold growth elsewhere. it’s also important people do not try to clean up any mold they find without the professional equipment and help they called for. This helps disturb spores and send them flying. This spreads mold spores faster and widespread.
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