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5 Hidden Fire Hazards in Your Home (And How to Avoid Them)

7/28/2022 (Permalink)

Nobody ever expects a fire to happen in their home. But the fact is, fires are one of the leading causes of property damage in the United States. In many cases, these fires could have been prevented if homeowners were aware of the hidden fire hazards in their homes.

In this blog post, we will discuss five hidden fire hazards that often go undetected until it's too late. We'll also provide tips on how to avoid these hazards and keep your family safe!

Fire Hazard One: Spontaneous Combustion

One hidden fire hazard that is often overlooked is spontaneous combustion. This can occur when rags or other materials are left in a pile and not properly ventilated. The heat from the rags can cause them to spontaneously combust, leading to a dangerous fire. To avoid this, be sure to keep all rags and other materials in a well-ventilated area.

Fire Hazard Two: Overloaded Electrical Outlets

Another hazard is overloaded electrical outlets. This is a common problem in homes with older wiring. When too many appliances are plugged into one outlet, it can cause a fire. To avoid this, be sure to spread out your appliances and only use one per outlet.

Fire Hazard Three: Flammable Liquid Storage

The next hazard is flammable liquids. Many people store flammable liquids, such as gasoline or cleaning supplies, in their homes without realizing the danger. If these liquids are exposed to heat or flame, they can catch fire and cause serious damage. To avoid this, be sure to store all flammable liquids in a cool, dry place away from any heat source.

Fire Hazard Four: Dryer Vents

Finally, one of the most common hidden fire hazards is a clogged dryer vent. When your dryer vent is clogged, it can cause your dryer to overheat and catch fire. To avoid this, be sure to clean your dryer vent regularly.

By being aware of these hidden fire hazards, you can keep your family safe and avoid a potential disaster. If you have any questions or need help cleaning up after a fire, be sure to contact SERVPRO of Newtown Yardley New Hope. We're always here to help.

5 Tips to Prevent Fire Damage in Your Home

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

5 Tips to Prevent Fire Damage in Your Home

A fire can happen anywhere and anytime. In fact, your home is one of the most likely places for a fire to start because you have all those electronic devices that are plugged in. Here are 5 tips on how to prevent a potential disaster from happening:

1) Change the batteries in your smoke alarms regularly

Change the batteries in your smoke alarms at least twice a year, whether they need it or not. If you have older model smoke detectors with non-replaceable (long lasting) lithium battery backs make sure to check with your manufacturer regarding when replacement is required as these can last up to ten years before needing any replacement.

Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly by testing them monthly. If you have any doubts about their condition, replace them immediately. The faster a fire is detected, the less damage it will cause and the better chance you have of escaping safely.

2) Make sure that you never leave anything cooking unattended on the stovetop

If something catches fire in your kitchen make sure everyone knows how to get out of the house but also know where smoke is pouring from so that you can alert others about an exit route as well as not getting trapped by flames themselves. If possible try to extinguish any open flame before leaving yourself (e.g., using baking soda) and always close doors behind you when fleeing; this may prevent further spreading of fire.

3) Use electrical safety plugs whenever possible

Use electrical safety plugs in your kitchen and other high traffic areas of the house to prevent any potential short circuit from starting a fire. Make sure that you unplug all appliances when they are not in use. Make sure you only plug in one appliance at a time and make sure it is switched off before inserting another item into an outlet. If you do notice that something is wrong with an appliance (e.g., sparking) make sure to unplug it immediately and contact a professional before using it again. Do not overload your outlets as this can lead to fires due to overheating, among other issues such as electric shock or short circuit.

4) Keep any combustible materials away from open flames or sources of heat such as stoves and candles

Never keep flammable liquids, including gasoline and cleaning fluids near a heat source. They're highly combustible and if they ignite it'll be hard to put out the fire so don't take the chance of having to deal with this kind of problem.

5) Keep furniture away from the fireplace

The heat generated by a fire can cause furniture to catch on fire, making it very dangerous if you are not expecting this. In addition, make sure that your curtains and other combustible materials near the fireplace aren't too close that they can easily catch fire.

Confused About Whether To Hire A Fire Damage Restoration Company Or Not? Well We Have the Answer

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Confused About Whether To Hire A Fire Damage Restoration Company Or Not? Well We Have the Answer

In case of a fire at your home or business, call an emergency service to move you and your family from the dangerous place. But what should you do next? You can opt for a restoration company that will restore your property back to its original position. There shouldn’t be any question about this. People who have to think twice about hiring a fire damage restoration company will only create problems for themselves because if they don’t hire a fire restoration company today they will have to do it later on when the odor starts to get bad. But choosing one out of so many fire restoration companies is going to be a problem for you.

Fire Damage Restoration Companies Can Prevent a Cancerous Environment

Soot and smoke can cause cancer; it gets settled in lungs and affects our health badly. You should always carry out water damage restoration as soon as possible to avoid such diseases. Direct exposure to smoke may prove fatal as well as you would require cleaning up as quickly as possible.

Fire Damage Restoration Companies Offer a Range Of Benefits

Fire damage restoration companies offer a lot of benefits to the property owner and the residents. We all want to get our house back as soon as possible and if you hire a fire damage restoration company it will just take one or two days to restore your property.

Fire restoration companies offer services that aren't available to general homeowners, including structural drying, dehumidification of air-ducts, walls and crawlspaces; anti-mold treatments; insulation replacement (for soundproofing); removal of hazardous material (i.e., asbestos removal); contents cleaning; board-up; tarping; draping for security precautions.

You Can Stop Small Fires At Home

If the fire is confined only to some part of the house like kitchen then you can start with cleaning yourself by using some existing household items like baking soda solution which absorbs foul odors and smoke from the kitchen.

Most of the fire damage restoration companies use chemicals to clean your upholstery and curtains. So they will need more time then usual which you might not have a luxury of if a smell starts to spread in your house or business premises.

We all want our home back as soon as possible but it isn’t always possible to bring things back on track again if we have not taken care of them when required so hire a fire restoration company after you have made sure that nothing is left unattended in your place which will only add problems later on.

Hire a professional, experienced and affordable fire damage restoration company, if you want your house back to its original shape as soon as possible. SERVPRO can offer high quality and long lasting fire damage restoration services.

The Best Fire Damage Restoration Company: SERVPRO

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has been serving you for many years now. We are the best fire damage restoration company in town because of our dedication to customer service and quality workmanship. When your home or business is damaged by fire, you want to be sure that it will be restored properly - not just cleaned up so you can go on living with a sunken space where things used to exist. That's why SERVPRO provides full-service restoration, including reconstruction of furniture and building materials, relocation services for displaced residents or businesses, 24/7 emergency response teams, and more!

We Offer A Range Of Different Services

Our professionals can handle any type of fire, storm or water damage in your home or business. Whether you've had a flood from broken pipes or severe storms causing roof leaks, SERVPRO has literally done it all. We will assess the damages to your property and ensure that every inch of space is properly cleaned before reconstruction begins. No matter how big or small the job, our team gets results fast so you don't have to worry about mold growing behind walls or on hardwood floors like some other companies tell their customers.

We Don’t Compromise On Quality

We use only the finest cleaning products and equipment to make your property look like new again. What's more, we will not begin any reconstruction until approved by you - our customer. We pride ourselves on completing all of our jobs in a timely manner with minimal disruptions to your daily schedule or business operations.

Our Staff is Well Trained and Certified

We use only the highest-qualified employees on every job. They are all fully licensed and insured, so you can be sure that they will handle your property with care at all times. We also arrange regular training sessions for our staff member so that they can provide you with the highest quality service that none of our competitors provide.

Our Services Are Affordable So You Get More Value

When it comes to fire damage restoration, you want the best results for your dollar. SERVPRO’S team of professionals can complete projects quickly and efficiently so there is minimal downtime in our customers' lives or business operations. That means that we are affordable too! We offer a range of different services including repairs on water-damaged properties, mold removal & prevention measures, smoke clean up after fires, sewage cleanup from backups caused by clogged drains/pipes/etc., emergency response teams 24 hours per day

We Are Always Available To You

We understand that you might have questions or concerns about the damage to your property. That's why we will answer any question you may have, and make sure all of your concerns are addressed in a timely manner. We also provide emergency services 24/ hour’s day so if something happens after business hours, our team is still available for you!

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Company for Fire Restoration

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

Having a fire in your home is one of the most traumatic experiences that you can go through, and when there is irreparable damage that needs fixing, you owe it to yourself and your family to hire the best fire restoration company in the business.

Fortunately for homeowners who have had fires, there are companies out there who specialize in stabilization of structures affected by fire damage. These professionals will do whatever they can to make your house safe again at a fraction of the cost.

When hiring a restoration company for fire repairs, here are five things you should look for:

  1. Is The Company Insured?

First and foremost, make sure that any company you consider hiring has insurance coverage on their employees. Not only does this cover the company if any of their workers are injured, but it also covers the property owner in case something happens and your house is damaged further.

  1. Experience and Certifications

Take a look at how long the restoration company has been in business. The last thing you want to do is hire a company that does not have enough experience, as they may end up making things worse or taking much longer than necessary to complete repairs. Make sure that the company you choose also has all of the necessary certifications needed for fire repair work, including passing tests of time and knowledge of specific techniques required for restoring homes after fires.

  1. Ask Around

When you hire a restoration company, make sure that you ask around your community about any recommendations that people may have. If you have a friend or neighbor who recently had a fire, ask them if they got good service from a company and what their experience was like. You can also look online to see if there are any reviews of restoration companies that seem reputable.

  1. A Guarantee

When hiring a fire restoration company, always ask about their guarantee policy- how long it is valid for, whether the guarantee covers materials used as well as labor and services rendered by the technicians, and the fine print (such as any limitations on types of damage covered). With these things in mind, you can be at ease knowing that your property will be restored properly and safely.

  1. What Can You Expect?

Have an idea of what to expect when hiring a fire restoration company. You should expect to receive estimates on how much it will cost for the repairs and an estimated time frame in which they can be completed, as well as what steps they will take to make your home safe again.

Final Words

The next time you have had significant damage due to fire at your house or business, do not hesitate to call the best restoration company you can find. With these five things in mind, chances are you will end up with a team that provides excellent service and gets everything back to normal quickly.

Does Fire Restoration Actually Work?

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

It's a scary thought to have your home or office burn down. It is even scarier when you find out that the fire was caused by something as simple as an electrical wire being too close to combustible materials. The reality is, however, that it can be devastating for buildings and contents alike. But do not fear! There are ways to get things back up and running again after a fire has happened.

Can Fire Damage Restoration Companies Actually Restore Your Goods?

The reality is that there are many different degrees of fire damage. Everything from a scorch to an actual burn can make items unusable or even irreparable. The restoration company you work with should be able to give you an accurate estimate on the costs and time it will take for each individual piece after they have made their initial assessment. This way, if your things cannot be restored then at least you know up front rather than waiting weeks upon months only to find out that nothing can be done!

Does Restoration Work Change Depending On What Was Destroyed?

Yes, in fact it does change depending on what was destroyed by the fire. Different types of materials require different kinds of treatments because some elements may not react well together. For example, if your things are made of metal then you need to make sure that the restoration company has experience in dealing with this material. If they do not, then it can cause further damage and be more costly than it needs to be!

What to Do After a Fire?

If there is anything at all that was destroyed by fire or heat damages don't try cleaning up yourself no matter how much you may want too. You could actually end up doing worse harm when trying to clean something like a television screen because chemicals on your cloth might react even more aggressively than the flames did originally. This way you will know exactly what kind of treatment each individual damaged item requires which also means lower costs for every single one of them!

Is There Anything I Can Do To Help The Restoration Process?

No matter how much you may want to help in the restoration process, do not try and fix anything on your own. This is especially true when it comes to electrical wiring because this can be just as dangerous for someone attempting a repair than it was before the fire even happened! Let professionals handle all of that so that they know what needs done and also if there is any chance of danger involved with an item or room itself.

Can You Really Restore Things After A Fire Damage?

Yes, companies like ours specialize in making sure everything returns back to normal after such a disaster strikes. So whether you need new drywall put up or appliances restored we have got professional technicians who will take care of it all for you. All of our workers are fully insured and licensed so that we can ensure your safety as well as the quality of materials used in making sure everything looks just like new!

5 Things To Do After A House Fire

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

5 Things To Do After A House Fire

A fire occurring in your house can be both surprising, overwhelming, and confusing. One can easily feel confused about what it is that they should do after going through such an experience. However, reading up and learning about what it is that you can do after a house fire can make you better equipped with dealing with such a situation. So, in order to help you protect yourself and your property, here are 5 things that you can do after a house fire.

Call An Emergency Helpline

Of course, the first step in any emergency situation is to call an emergency helpline. However, you must first ensure that everyone within your house is outside first. The first responders will arrive at your home and will focus their attention on the safety of you and others who live in your house. After all of the house occupants' are out of danger, they will then focus their energy on saving the structural integrity of your house. 

Take Some Time 

While the first respondents are working on dousing the flames, make sure to take time for yourself so that you are able to process the situation. Try to remind yourself and those who surround you that everything will be okay as spiraling will only make you feel more stressed and won't help the process go any faster. Be sure to take everything one step at a time so that you do not overwhelm yourself. 

Contact Your Insurance Agency 

After you have collected your thoughts, contact your insurance agency and ask for their timeline on securing your property, which includes the removal of any standing water as well as covering the doors and windows of your house. The entire process depends on the amount of damage your house has taken, both from the fire and the dousing. Your insurance will help in starting this process for you and will then authorize their company for restoration to secure your property.

Find A Safe Place

As your house, despite the ventilation holes, will now be filled with chemicals, which lowers the air quality drastically, to prevent any health effects, you must then find a safe place to stay for the time being. In fact, the restoration and recovery process can take several months to finish, which is why most people end up residing in a relative's house rather than a hotel. So, be sure to be monetarily prepared. 

Secure Your House 

If you are in a situation where the fire department tells you that your house is safe to live in, you will still have to take certain precautions, such as boarding up your house. This will prevent any outside impurities from entering your house. 

All in all, knowing the steps that you have to take after a house fire will not only help you but will also make you feel more at peace. So, if you ever do go through something like this, we hope that you do not, you will not feel confused rather you will, by default, go into autopilot and start taking the required steps. 

Stop the Fire Before it Ignites

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

No one likes the idea of a fire spreading throughout their property, damaging, and destroying everything in sight. But these things can and will happen, the question is will you be prepared? Fire mitigation and restoration specialists in New Jersey, provide all the services you need to ensure your property is safe after these types of occurrences.

  • Security and Surveillance
  • Fencing
  • Board-up and tarp services

Security and Surveillance

A sense of security is vital for every facility owner. Many mitigation companies will provide just that by setting up surveillance in your facility. Feel free to take advantage of these services!


After a disaster, your property may look vulnerable to thieves and looters. One of the easiest ways to protect your facility from this is to install fencing. Temporary fencing is a practical, cheap, and easy way to keep vagrants and wildlife out of your property while it is being restored. We want to help you in providing the safest, most attainable form of fencing to fit your needs.

Board-up and tarp services

It is far too common that fire damage compromises windows, walls, and roofs. To protect against these vulnerabilities and prevent further damage we will cover these spaces for you. Our crew will use plywood to cover any damage to windows and doors. And will use tarps to cover any holes in the facility’s roof.

Although no property owner wants to think about fire damage, it is important to prepare for the worst to protect yourself, and your brand. If your company has experienced the disaster of a fire, or simply needs to prepare for one, contact your local SERVPRO today!

3 Steps to a Sparkling Clean Grill

3/29/2021 (Permalink)

Angled view of scrubbing utensil used for cleaning a dirty grill. BBQ Grill Background Theme By cleaning your grill you can prevent a serious grease fire.

Grill Cleaning Steps

Getting your grill clean will not only make it look great on your deck in  Plumstead Township, PA but will also improve its longevity. The food you cook releases grease into the belly of your grill and leaves food bits and burnt particles on the grate. This can be a hazard and can also affect the taste of the next meal you cook on it. Here is how you can complete your grill cleaning in 3 easy steps.

1. Gather Your Supplies
You need the proper tools to get this job done. Here are the supplies you need for your grill cleaning:

  • Gloves
  • Grill brush
  • Paper towels
  • Bucket
  • Dish soap

Fill your bucket with very hot water and several drops of dish soap. Be sure to use a grease-fighting soap for better results.

2. Scrub the Grate and Belly
After donning your gloves, use the grill brush to thoroughly scrub your grill's grate. If there are stubborn bits you may want to soak this piece in hot, soapy water while you complete the rest of your grill maintenance. Remove and clean any other drip pans or accessories in your grill. Use your brush to clean the bottom of your grill thoroughly. Be sure to remove any debris. Gently brush your burner tubes and make sure your gas ports are open and clean. Dry everything and put the parts back inside.

3. Wipe Down the Outside
Once the inside is clean, you'll want to use your soapy water to thoroughly wipe down the outside of your grill. Grease can splatter while you cook and even if you cover your grill, some dirt and debris may still get on it. Be sure to rinse away any soap and dry your grill completely before re-covering it.
Regular grill cleaning can help keep your food tasting great. It can also prevent a serious grease fire that requires a professional fire damage assessment. Follow these easy steps to get the job done.

3 Reasons You Should Have a Fire Extinguisher in Your Home

1/29/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Safety Set Different Types of Extinguishers (Water, Foam, Dry Powder, Halon, Carbon Dioxide Here are the different classes of fire extinguishers

3 Reasons You Should Have a Fire Extinguisher in Your Home

By taking the simple step of purchasing a fire extinguisher, you can help defend your home in New Hope, PA against fires. Extinguishers can put out fires that water cannot, making them extremely useful in the event of a kitchen fire or other emergency.

1. Protect Your Home

While they should not be used as a replacement for smoke detectors, fire extinguishers can be a great way to add another layer of safety to your home. Stopping fires before they get out of control can help prevent property damage and keep you and your family safe. What could have been a devastating fire could turn out to be just a little mess.

2. Stop All Types of Fires

Fire extinguishers can be separated into different categories. Some of these may be more useful for your home than others.

The different classes include:

  • Class A: puts out fires on ordinary materials
  • Class B: puts out grease fires and other flammable liquids
  • Class C: puts out electrical fires
  • Class D: Puts out flammable metals

For use in your home, you can purchase an A-B-C extinguisher that will put out ordinary fires as well as grease fires and electrical fires. It can be an especially good idea to keep one in your kitchen, as this can be a high-risk area for fires.

3. Be Cost Efficient

Fire extinguishers can be available for a low cost, sometimes as little as $10 a unit. This can make them a great investment, as they could potentially save you a lot of money in property damage as well as keeping you safe.

Having a fire extinguisher and knowing how to use it can help you stop emergencies, such as kitchen fires, from getting out of control. While it is a good idea to focus on your personal safety before worrying about property, an extinguisher can still be a useful way to save your home from extensive fire damage. Relatively inexpensive, an extinguisher can be a great addition to your home’s fire defenses.

3 Things To Do To Protect Your Pets From a Home Fire

12/27/2020 (Permalink)

Pomeranian dressed as fire fighter Keep your pets in mind when you're thinking about fire emergency

During a fire emergency, there is a lot to consider. Families in Yardley, PA, must depart their place of comfort, hoping that everything will be okay. During the evacuation, it can be tempting to try to locate pets. Those efforts, though, are problematic, risking precious time needed to leave. Just remember that a fire restoration company can rebuild a property, but they cannot replace your little friends. In order to protect humans and animals, it's best to think ahead.

Consider The Following Three Things

1. Train Them To Help You
As part of your pet preparation, spend time teaching your furry friends to respond to name quickly. This simple skill could improve your chances of getting them out of the house efficiently. As soon as you see flames, do not search for your dogs or cats. Call out, encouraging them to come to you. This must be done without jeopardizing your own safety.

2. Give Information to Officials
The fire crew not only puts out the flames, but they assist in a rescue. If possible, they do look for pets. You won't be able to have a major conversation with them; therefore, prepare for the fire emergency by writing out details on a window cling and putting it on the front window. Have the number and names of the animals listed out. Include favorite hiding places.

3. Encourage Front Door Proximity
For pet safety, consider keeping beds and crates toward the front door. Your loved ones may cozy up throughout the day there, seeking their favorite blankets and toys. Then, if you must evacuate or someone needs to find them, it's likely to be somewhere close by and not in a far corner of the residence. Leaches and collars might hang on a hook in this space as well. This not only acts as a visual cue to look for animals, but the placement of these makes it easy to grab on the way out.
Keep your pets in mind when you're thinking about fire emergency. Plan ahead to offer more security.

3 Tips for Proper Fire Extinguisher Use

11/12/2020 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher instruction labels set. Instruction extinguisher and protection of fire with extinguisher illustration OSHA recommends using the P.A.S.S. method to remind yourself of how to use your extinguisher

Prepare To Extinguish A Kitchen Fire

Whether in a restaurant or an office, one of the largest causes of fires is cooking equipment. Even with a fire extinguisher close at hand, would you or your employees be able to use it properly? Here are 3 tips to help you be better prepared to extinguish a kitchen fire.

Keep Yourself Safe
Before you try to stop a fire, you need to make sure that you can do so safely. Assess the size of the fire, the room and whether or not you have a clear escape path. When putting out a fire, you should back away from it and toward a door so that you aren’t surprised or cut off from escape.

The P.A.S.S. Method
A fire extinguisher might look simple enough, but using it to its full extent can take some forethought. To keep yourself levelheaded in an emergency, OSHA recommends using the P.A.S.S. method to remind yourself of how to use your extinguisher.

P – Pull the pin located under the handle.
A – Aim at the bottom of the flames.
S – Squeeze the handle when you are ready to put out the fire.
S – Sweep back and forth from left to right until the flames are out.

Watch closely after the flames are gone. If they reignite, leave the building and wait for the fire department.

After the Fire is Out
Once the emergency is over, the cleanup begins. A small accident might be tempting to try to clean up yourself, but there can be underlying fire damage. By having a commercial fire specialist to come out and assess the situation, you can get advice on what steps you should take toward restoration.
Using a fire extinguisher to combat flames takes a calm mind and a plan. Knowing where your exit is, how to pull the pin and who to call in New Hope, PA, for help will ensure you are prepared for a fire emergency.

Basics of Preventing Dryer Fires

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

Hand cleaning accumulated clothing lint from trap in clothes dryer. Clean the lint filter before every load

It may seem strange, but without proper attention, your clothes dryer could become the source of a lint fire. Believe it or not, 2,900 of these blazes are reported every year, causing a whopping $35 million in property damage. Prevent this danger from striking your home by following a few commonsense rules.

Dangerous Clothes Dryer Behaviors

To prevent a dryer fire from starting in Newtown, PA, you should avoid:

  • Stuffing more in your system than it can reasonably handle.
  • Attempting to dry anything made of foam, plastic, glass fiber or rubber.
  • Using your appliance without a lint filter or one that is damaged.
  • Leaving your dryer running unattended.

Heeding the above warnings can prevent a lint fire from striking your home, a traumatic event that could inevitably require the services of a fire damage restoration expert.

Safe Clothes Dryer Practices
Be extra cautious by having installation performed by a certified professional. Once this is done, double-check to see that your plug and outlet have been properly connected. Read your instruction manual thoroughly, paying special attention to voltage warnings as well as usage instructions. Also, maintain your dryer by having it periodically cleaned by a licensed specialist. When it begins taking longer than normal to achieve typical results, this is a good sign an inspection should be scheduled.
Clean the lint filter before every load and brush out the vent pipe’s interior once every three months. Maintain outdoor ventilation by clearing away nests and insects, as well as using wall dampers to prevent weather-related complications. Check to see that the vent covering opens when your machine is in use and remove anything flammable from your laundry area. Before leaving for extended periods, never forget to first disconnect your appliance.
Reduce the odds of a lint fire by avoiding risky actions. Even better, create an extra layer of assurance by diligently maintaining your system from the moment it arrives.

What You Should Know About Fire Damage Cleanup

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

A fire destroyed five stores Fire damaged building in Solebury, PA

As a commercial property owner, you need to have a property insurance policy that covers any damages or losses due to fire. In the unfortunate event of a fire in Solebury, PA, you’ll not only need to address fire damage, but also any damages from associated smoke, soot, and water cleanup. You need to have a plan for restoring your property to pre-fire conditions. This fire restoration plan should be comprehensive and include specialized services such as dry-cleaning, content storage, and other specific types of content cleaning.

Restoring Your Property

A fire restoration process should include the following steps, regardless of the degree of damage:

Consult a professional provider of commercial fire damage restoration services immediately.
Conduct a thorough, detailed inspection of the rooms in your structure to determine the level of damage from fire, smoke, soot, and water.
Prevent further damage by boarding up windows and doors and/or using tarps to secure the building.
Clean up all water damage and use equipment to completely dry the property.
Remove smoke and soot from surfaces using specific content cleaning methods.
Sanitize damaged items using dry-cleaning and other methods to bring them back to pre-damage conditions.
Complete repairs and reconstruction as necessary to complete the restoration process.

Your provider will be the expert on the best ways to minimize costs by seeking to repair items instead of replacing them where possible.

Trusting Your Fire Restoration to Professionals
Restoring your property after a fire is not a DIY endeavor. Experienced, trained pros know the best ways to quickly restore your building to pre-fire conditions. They are not only equipped to determine the extent of the fire, smoke, and water damage, but they can also repair and rebuild your property. They also employ dry-cleaning and other approaches to help you restore the objects and surfaces in your building. Moreover, insurance providers prefer working with professional restoration providers.

Here are 5 Simple Steps for Improved Pet Safety in a Residential Fire

5/28/2020 (Permalink)

Dog sitting on a carpet bottom of the picture it says FIRE TIP Tip- Place a Window Cling to alert firefighters about pets within your home in case of a fire

A fire emergency is always a surprise in Morrisville, PA. It often leaves you with virtually no time to react so planning is often the difference between life and death. With well over 3,000 deaths a year from fires in the U.S., a few minutes of preparation literally be the difference between life and death.
The single most effective action you can take to save your family’s life in a fire is to have a well-practiced fire safety action plan. The Red Cross has an excellent worksheet to help you make a family plan. It’s only three pages, but for something so short it sure does save lives. If your pets are considered part of the family, they should be included. Installing pet alert window clings with the number and types of pets will also help firefighters during a fire.

Pets Can Survive a Fire Emergency

If you include these five steps in your family plan, you’ll help cut through the confusion upon discovering that your house is on fire:

  • Practice your family escape plan, including pet preparation.
  • Have copies of all your pets’ vaccinations somewhere safe.
  • Include your pets’ information on the Red Cross Emergency Plan worksheet.
  • Make sure your pet is used to their crate or kennel – and have it handy.
  • Know where your pets like to spend their time, including favorite sleeping areas.

Pet Safety Should Include Preventing Fires
Pets are notable for starting residential fires – somewhere around 1,000 per year! There are a few things you can do to help keep a pet from starting a fire:

  • Stove knobs are the top cause of pets starting fires, so protect them with knob covers.
  • Never leave a lit candle or other open flame unattended around a pet.
  • Consider candle alternatives, such as flameless candles and a wax melter, that can give the same ambience of a candle without the danger.

Once the fire emergency is over, you’ll need help with restoration and insurance claims. Contact a reputable fire damage cleanup company local to Morrisville, PA, to help you get your life back to normal.

5 Ways To Reduce Fire Hazards While Cooking

2/27/2020 (Permalink)

Clean  gas stove top Keep the cooking area clean to prevent a fire

5 Ways To Reduce Fire Hazards While Cooking

There are a number of useful safety tips to help prevent a fire in your Solebury, PA, home. If you do experience a fire damage restoration service can help, however, prevention is often one of the first steps to keeping your home safe. You may want to consider the following anytime you use your kitchen.

1. Keep the Area Clean
One of the first things you can do to prevent a fire in your kitchen is to keep the cooking area clean. This means the removal of any flammable materials such as paper towels, as well as keeping the cooking area clean of residue, like grease, which could catch fire.

2. Watch the Stove
Never leave your stove unattended while you’re cooking. Staying present will allow you to prevent mishaps that could lead to a fire.

3. Don’t Get Distracted
Another among many important safety tips is not to get distracted. Keep pets and small children out of the kitchen while you’re cooking, and limit attention taking activities such as talking on the phone or watching TV until after the stove is off.

4. Have a Fire Extinguisher
Every kitchen should be equipped with a fire extinguisher. This will allow you to have the appropriate tools on hand if something should go awry. Remember to consult the usage instructions for any unit you keep in your home.

5. Use the Right Equipment
Using the right equipment on the stove in another step towards fire safety. Cook in pans big enough for your meal, use the right utensils for the job and consider steps like using a grease catcher to stop spatter that could start a grease fire.
Following these tips may help you prevent a fire in your kitchen. Remember to keep the area clean, use the right equipment, and never leave your stove unattended. If you do experience a fire, a restoration service may be able to help.

Protecting Your Pets During a Fire

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

a paper that says escape plan It is important to have a fire escape plan in place.

Sadly, residential fires are one of the most common disasters to happen in homes across the country and in Morrisville,PA. While it's best to take steps to ensure that your home isn't affected by fire, it's also important to prepare for that possibility. When you have pets in your home, use the following steps to keep them safe when a fire emergency takes place.

Pet safety should include preventing them from starting fires.

Use these tips from the American Red Cross:

  • Put out open flames before you walk away from them.
  • Remove knobs from your stove and cooktop when you leave home.
  • Swap out lit candles for flameless candles.
  • Put young bets in a confined space when you're away.

One: Include Pets in the Family Safety and Evacuation Plan

Every time you practice your fire emergency and evacuation plan, train your pets to participate with you. Teach them to come to you when you call their names. As you put together disaster supply kits for family members, don't forget to include food and supplies for your pets. These pet preparation steps are crucial, so you don't risk your own safety when an actual fire takes place. Talk to a residential fire restoration company for more tips.

Two: Alert Firefighters to Your Pets

Rescuers may save your pets if they know animals are in the house. Place a pet alert cling on your front window and list the number of pets in the home. This information lets firefighters know to look for the pets. Leave a leash near the front door as well, so rescuers can grab it quickly for safely removing animals from the home.

Three: Store Pet Documents in a Fire-Safe Box or Outside Location

Stash your pet ownership and vaccination records in a box that will protect them from the fire or store the box at a friend's home. This important step can help you through the fire emergency and recovery process after the flames have been put out.

3 Fire Safety Lessons to Teach Your Kids

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firefighter talking to children Teach your children fire safety

When it comes to kids safety in your Newtown, PA, home, you may want to teach them a few things about your fire escape plan. Teaching your children what to do if a fire occurs can help them safely exit the home. Here are three things they should learn.

1. Crawl Under Any Smoke

One of the first lessons many people choose to teach their children about escaping from a home fire, is to crawl so that the body remains under any smoke. Doing so will help keep the head in areas where the air is more clear. You may choose to teach them to crawl on their hands and knees as well as like a worm.

2. Check Doors

You may also want to include a kids safety lesson on how to properly check doors as they leave each sealed room. This lesson should include how to safely use the back of the hand to see if the door is hot, and then cracking it first to ensure the way is clear before leaving the room. Also teach them to close the door behind them as many fire damage restoration professionals agree that closed doors can impede the progress of smoke and flames keeping the exit route safe, and help prevent first damage

3. Leave the House Quickly

Another important lesson to include in your child's fire escape plan is how to leave the home quickly. Practice locating different exits, as well as identifying how to tell the difference between a safe passage and one blocked by fire.

When teaching your kids safety tips for fire evacuation, it’s important that they learn how to crawl below the smoke, to check doors before moving to a new room, and to leave the home quickly. Practicing these three lessons can help ensure their quick and safe escape if a fire should occur. For other important evacuation lessons children should learn, it's best to speak with your local fire safety professionals.

Prevent Fires by Cleaning Lint From Your Dryer

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Cleaning the lint from the filter after drying a load of laundry Cleaning the lint screen

As a homeowner in Morrisville,PA, it may be easier to overlook lint when you use the dryer. However, you might want to pay attention to it. The buildup can impact the functionality of the dryer and even create a lint fire. Prevent this costly and destructive situation by removing lint from the appliance through the following methods.

Cleaning the Lint Screen

The easiest way to stop a dryer fire from taking place is by cleaning the lint screen. This item is easy to remove from the dryer, no matter its location. Once you remove it, you can manually take off all the lint from the screen, then delicately rinse the leftover content. Vacuum the screen vent to ensure there is no buildup. Try to do this regularly, preferably right after using the dryer.

Remove Lint From the Exhaust

It is important to clear the exhaust vents from debris as well, since accumulation can lead to a lint fire and the need to call fire damage cleanup services.

Disconnect the dryers
Unplug the exhaust hose from the dryer and wall
Remove all lint with a brush or vacuum
Use a cleaning rod to clear the wall vent
Place the hose back into its place

Do not forget to check on the outside vent. Remove the lint and clean the vent at least every six months.

Clearing the Dryer's Interior

The dryer's interior mechanisms are also vulnerable to lint excess and need to be cleaned at least twice a year. After the dryer is unplugged, remove the back panel to access the interior vents, wires and other parts. Use a cleaner, a cloth or a vacuum to remove all lint and dirt in sight. Once you are done, reattach the panel.
A lint fire is a devastating disaster that can create disastrous fire damage to your Morrisville,PA, household. Clean the dryer and its components to prevent an incident and keep the device functioning properly.

The Top 5 Summertime Fire Prevention Tips

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Battery-powered, flameless LED candles are safer than open flames

Warmer weather brings unique fire risks, including outdoor cooking fires or fire pits. House fire are more common during the winter when furnaces and heaters are frequently in use. Being more aware of the risks of a grill fire and other common summertime fires may help you avoid fire and smoke damage.

Watch the Flames

Never leave an indoor or outdoor fire unattended. A responsible person capable of safely handling and maintaining a barbeque fire should be present at all times. Make sure children and pets stay away from the flames and keep a fire extinguisher and grease fire suppressants such as baking soda and salt on hand.

Look Out for Flammable Items

It’s easy to place items on a hot stove or grill without thinking. Double check to make sure no combustible or flammable items get close to open flames or intense heat. Never put a portable grill away hot.

Clean and Maintain Your Grill

A dirty grill covered in fat or oil is more likely to start a grill fire. Brush down the cooking surface or grates as the fire starts to get hot prior to cooking. Burn off any excess fat or food residue afterward. Wait until all surfaces are cool before deep cleaning.

Use Caution When Celebrating

Whether a celebration calls for barbecue, lighting candles or even setting off fireworks, you should make sure that your family and friends are trained in basic fire safety. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency.

Try Candle Alternatives

Battery-powered, flameless LED candles are safer than open flames. Use these decorative pieces to achieve candlelit looks without the risk of fire and smoke damage.
No matter how you spend the summer in Lumberville,PA, you should follow these fire safety tips. Try to suppress a grill fire and contact the fire department if necessary. Certified residential restoration professionals can fix damage to the interior or exterior of your home.

How Do You Remove the Smoke Odors After a Fire?

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Smoke is a vapor or gas given off by burning material

The fire and water damage, and destruction that occurs during a fire, can be devastating, but with help from a professional fire restoration service in Solebury,PA, you can find some peace of mind in the aftermath. You may realize that flames and water can both do harm, but smoke damage and residual odors can also be a problem, so careful smoke cleaning needs to be undertaken.

Are Smoke and Soot the Same Thing?

A fire can cause a good deal of soot damage and smoke. Soot is primarily composed of carbon and other chemicals that have not been completely consumed by flames. It leaves a sticky and greasy residue that can be loaded with chemicals and usually carries a sharp and particularly foul odor. Smoke and soot can be compared in the following ways:

  • Smoke is a vapor or gas given off by burning material
  • Soot is a greasy or sticky substance caused by incomplete combustion
  • Smoke is carried in the air and can be breathed while soot is more localized
  • Both can adhere to any surface
  • Both carry foul-smelling odors

How are Soot and Smoke Cleaned Up?

Soot damage, like smoke damage, requires careful handling and complete removal. Scraping and diluting the thick, toxic substance with industrial chemicals may be necessary. If soot cannot be removed thoroughly, then disposal of the affected surface is needed.

Smoke, on the other hand, can float and travel to any surface the air comes in contact with. It adheres and can stain paint and other elements, and can penetrate porous materials, so smoke is something that needs to be dealt with. Physically cleaning with detergent, followed by treating the area with an ozone generator may rid the area of any lingering odors.

Smoke damage does not need to be the end of the road. With help from a restoration service in Solebury,PA, smoke cleaning can make the nasty odors a thing of the past and give your building a fresh take on life.

Top 6 Grilling Safety Tips

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Barbecuing may be a favorite summer activity for many families in Yardley, PA

Top 6 Grilling Safety Tips

Barbecuing may be a favorite summer activity for many families in Yardley,PA. Although it can be an enjoyable way to prepare meals, cooking over an open flame can also be dangerous. Abiding by several key safety precautions can help every homeowner advert a grill fire, smoke damage and potentially serious injuries.

1. Inspect for Leaks

Before engaging a gas unit, ensure all hoses are secure. If you suspect a possible gas leak, refrain from using the device until it’s repaired.

2. Clean Regularly

Frequent grilling may result in grease buildup, which can fuel a barbecue fire. Routinely cleaning your outdoor cooking unit can minimize this threat.

3. Keep Obstructions Away

Nearby combustibles may pose a fire hazard. For this reason, it’s important to place your grill several feet away from your house. You should also keep the device away from canopies, flags and other outdoor decorations and instruct children to keep away from the structure while you’re cooking.

4. Carefully Ignite Gas

Employing proper lighting techniques can also help prevent a grill fire. When you ignite the flame on your gas grill, for example, make sure the lid is open. Turning the device on with the lid down may result in a dangerous fireball.

5. Don’t Leave Grill Unattended

Under the right conditions, a small barbecue fire can quickly spread. As a precaution, you should never leave your outdoor cooking apparatus unattended.

6. Keep Fire Extinguisher Accessible

In the event of a blaze, being prepared and taking prompt action can spare you from significant destruction and extensive fire damage restoration needs. For safety reasons, you should always keep a multipurpose fire extinguisher accessible.

Although many people enjoy the aroma and taste of barbecue, enduring a grill fire and subsequent smoke damage is an unpleasant experience. Taking proactive precautions and employing efficient grilling practices can help every resident of Yardley,PA, safely enjoy this favorite summer pastime.

How Do I Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke in My Home?

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Smoke can penetrate furniture, walls and carpets

No matter how they got there, smoke smells in your home are rarely welcome. Whether you’re the victim of a visitor who smoked in your Yardley,PA , home or whether you’ve only recently quit, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of ways to get the smell out. Here are three simple tips for post-smoke home deodorization.

Cause of the Smell

Smoke in your environment isn’t comprised of just one material. In fact, environmental smoke is a mixture of more than 4,000 compounds. Either via direct contact or through a building’s HVAC system, smoke can penetrate things like:

  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Carpets

No matter how you got smoke in your home, wherever it is, here are some of the easiest home deodorization tips.

Remove and Rinse

Getting rid of smoky materials can make a huge difference in getting rid of cigarette smoke odors. Remove as many fabrics and porous materials possible from the smoky room. Next, toss any pillows, curtains, blankets, etc. into a cold washing machine cycle with two cups of vinegar added.

Try Baking Soda

When it comes to carpets and furniture, baking soda is your best option. This simple home ingredient is known for absorbing smells, including smoke aromas. Sprinkle lots on soft surfaces like mattresses and upholstery. Let it sit at least 15 minutes then vacuum.

Use Ozone

Sometimes the simplest solutions are just not enough for the smoke aroma you face. That’s when it’s time to bust out the big guns and get an ozone machine. Ozone is responsible for the smell we notice after a spring rain. Ozone machines work by releasing modules of ozone that burst to release that spring-like aroma.

A smoky home can be a pain to those with allergies, and a big problem when it’s time to sell. Try these tips or talk with our experts in ozone gas treatment, to learn what your home deodorization options are.

How To React If You Smell Gas Inside Your Home

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Avoid smoking if you have gas odor in your Yardley,PA home

Many residents of Yardley,PA, may utilize natural gas to heat their homes or power appliances. While this fuel may be an efficient energy source, a leaking line or pipe can be extremely hazardous. Because of this, it’s important for every homeowner to take prompt action if they smell gas and suspect a leak. Otherwise, a potentially devastating gas fire may erupt.

Take Necessary Precautions

A gas explosion can occur suddenly. If you notice an unpleasant rotten egg smell inside or near your house, you should take extreme caution. To help prevent an inferno, it’s imperative that you avoid the following potentially dangerous activities:

  • Smoking or igniting matches
  • Turning lights on or off
  • Utilizing electronic equipment or appliances
  • Adjusting the thermostat

Check Appliances

If you detect an unusual or offensive odor near your furnace, stove or water heater, check the unit’s pilot light and restart it if necessary. If the light is on, there may be a faulty component requiring maintenance. To avoid accidently igniting a gas fire, you should be cautious and refrain from using the device until it’s properly inspected and repaired.

Call for Assistance

If you suspect there is a leak inside your home, you should evacuate the premises and immediately call either 911 or your utility provider. To help reduce the risk of a gas explosion, it’s best to avoid using any phone near the suspected seepage. For safety reasons, you should also extinguish any nearby open fires and keep everyone away until authorities arrive.

Never Ignore the Situation

A gas fire can spread quickly and cause significant damage, requiring extensive cleanup and restoration. Because of this, a lingering natural gas odor should never be ignored. To help safeguard your property and personal safety, it’s imperative that you promptly report any suspected leaks and refrain from commencing specified activities that may inadvertently cause an explosion.

Steps To Take After a Commercial Fire

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Fire damage in a Solebury, PA home

If you own your own business in Solebury, PA, you've probably considered what would happen if you had a building fire. You may sustain a significant financial loss from damage and repair costs, and your employees might be temporarily out of work. While no one likes to think about it, it's important to have a fire restoration plan in case disaster strikes. By acting quickly to follow the steps below after a commercial fire, you'll save time and money, and get your business back to normal sooner.

1. Call Your Insurance Agent

As soon as you are able, get in touch with your fire insurance company. They will send a claims adjuster to assess the damage and authorize the money needed to begin the restoration process.

2. Contact a Restoration Company

Once you've talked to the insurance company, call a reputable fire restoration company. They can come out right away to provide any necessary emergency repairs and do an inspection of the damage to see what else is needed. Then they will begin the process of smoke cleaning, clearing water damage, and then repairs and restoration.

3. Property Damage Assessment

It's important to find out what kind of damage has been done to material assets in the building. The insurance company will need this information to make sure you are properly reimbursed for damaged equipment. This includes items like vital documents, phones, computers, and other essential equipment and materials. If you are allowed to re-enter the building, be sure to wear a breathing mask to protect yourself from the residual smoke. At this point, try to save any assets or personal items that you can find. Many items such as computers and other office machines may still be operable or may function after a professional cleaning.

While going through a commercial fire can be devastating, it's important to know what to do in the aftermath. With a quick response on your part, you'll save time and money, and get your company back to normal sooner.

Malodors From Smoke Damage

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When eliminating malodors on fire jobs, remember that there are several factors that can impact the strength of the odor:

  • Size - The bigger the fire, the more objects have burned, and thus there’s been more smoke.
  • Length -The longer a structure has been exposed to smoke, the more deeply odor has seeped into porous materials.
  • Space - When a fire occurs in a smaller room, the smoke odor becomes more intense and concentrated.
  • Stuff - Not all odors are equal. For instance, burning wood, plastic and protein all have very different smells and consistency. This may influence the types of odor eliminators you use.

WHERE the damage occurred and WHAT burned will always be your two main concerns in fire restoration. Knowing the full answers to those questions will likely ensure that your restoration efforts will be complete and that you’ll be able to eliminate all of those irritating malodors, while at the same time eliminating any call backs.

Eliminate Smoke Odor After Fire Damage

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When eliminating malodors on fire jobs, remember that there are several factors that can impact the strength of the odor:

  • Size - The bigger the fire, the more objects have burned, and thus there’s been more smoke.
  • Length -The longer a structure has been exposed to smoke, the more deeply odor has seeped into porous materials.
  • Space - When a fire occurs in a smaller room, the smoke odor becomes more intense and concentrated.
  • Stuff - Not all odors are equal. For instance, burning wood, plastic and protein all have very different smells and consistency. This may influence the types of odor eliminators you use.

WHERE the damage occurred and WHAT burned will always be your two main concerns in fire restoration. Knowing the full answers to those questions will likely ensure that your restoration efforts will be complete and that you’ll be able to eliminate all of those irritating malodors, while at the same time eliminating any call backs.

Protecting Your Pets From Residential Fires

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While the idea of a fire erupting in your Newtown, PA home is never easy to consider, the potential of your beloved pets getting hurt during any fire emergency is that much worse. Therefore, it’s important to not only create a pet preparation plan in the event of a house fire but to take precautions with pet safety before a situation ever occurs. Here are some important ways to protect your pets before and after a dangerous situation occurs.

? Prevent a mishap by always extinguishing open flames and keeping them at high levels out of your animal’s reach. Any moving flames seen from candles, BBQs, fireplaces and more can easily draw your pet’s attention. Therefore, it’s vital that you always put out any flames before leaving a room and keep them away from reach, either placed up high or properly covered and untouchable.
? Address any problem areas by doing a regular inspection around the home. Check for any loose wiring, reachable appliances or unstable devices that can be knocked over, as they can all turn into possible fire hazards.
? If a fire emergency does break out, be sure your pets have their identification in a safe place. Keep any ownership and vaccination records in a fireproof box, and leave your pet’s tagged collars on them at all times to ensure firefighters or other rescuers can identify who your pets belong to and where to secure them.
? Plan an escape route with your pet. Practicing fire drills and showing your pets where their escape routes are can give them a helpful headstart should a fire erupt. Leave leashes and carriers easy to reach and keep your animals near an entrance while you’re away so they can be quickly located by professionals.

Protecting your pets by taking preventative measures in your Newtown, PA home is crucial for pet safety and your peace of mind. After all, if a fire emergency occurs, knowing you’re prepared ahead of time is crucial to staying calm and getting everyone out in a timely manner. Visit for more information on fire damage

Questions to Ask After a Fire

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Questions to Ask After a Fire

If you are in a fire, it can be a very traumatic experience. You've gotten your family out safely, the firefighters have gone, now what do you do? Fire damage to your home can range from mild to severe. In either case, you will need a fire damage restoration team to assess the damage and get your home back to its original condition.

Fire cleanup can be a bit hectic, but a restoration company can make things much more bearable. Once the fire is out, the smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell can leave a lot to be desired. A professional team will have the manpower and the know how to get things done in a timely manner. While there are some things you will likely have to throw out once its been damaged by fire, a restoration company may be able to help you save some item. Also, no one wants a lingering smoke smell after a fire in their home.

Time is of the essence. Fire damage restoration teams must get started as quickly as possible. Specialized tools and cleaning techniques will be used to remove soot damage and the smoke smell from walls, carpeting, upholstery and furniture. If there is anything that is salvageable, they will do their best the team can help.

Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire, Smoke, and Soot Damage

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Fire, Smoke, and Soot Damage

It is a traumatic experience when your business is threatened by a utility room fire or electrical fire. While no one is exempted from this experience some time, it can be prevented through proper mitigation measures. Utility room fire or electrical fire incidence causes a lot of damage to the property. In addition to fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, and soot damage.

When there is a utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak, the fire sprinkler system is equipped with sensors that detect the slightest amount of increase in room temperature. The fire sprinkler system sensor triggers the opening of valves and gallons of water are sprinkled in the room for fire suppression. The firefighter and fire truck also arrives just on time and to begin fire suppression using a fire hose to inject even more water and fire redundant chemicals to the areas affected by the fire.

The firefighter may also be forced to break into some of the locked doors and glass to gain access. The fire truck is also brought closer to the building causing more damages. The building is left in a mess after successful fire suppression, and no item is left where it was, no business can continue in such a condition. You need to call a commercial fire damage restoration services immediately.

Professional fire restoration services
After fire suppression, the area is cordoned off to prevent trespassers. The fire damage restoration process usually begins with a comprehensive inspection of the property to ascertain the extent of the damage. The owner is also involved in the process to help understand the scope of work. The professionals sort out and make a list of the items that should be restored.

Most of the items including the upholstery are wet, and the air has a strong smoke damage odor, there is and soot damage everywhere. The professionals will pack out the items that need repair or were not completely damaged. The majority of the fire restoration companies have a cleaning facility where the items are taken for specialized repair and cleaning.

Professional soot damage and smoke damage restoration
The pre cleaning process of the fire damage is usually done by dry brushing of the soot damage of ash on the walls. The walls and floors are cleaned up to remove the water spilled by the fire hose from the fire truck. Soot damage is also seen in the vents and other openings that smoke passed.
Smoke damage contains a strong odor that is absorbed in the upholstery and other porous materials in the rooms. The strong unbearable smell spreads across the rooms in your business premises. It has to be cleaned and removed immediately through a deodorization method by experts.

Often the fire damage and smoke damage are usually accompanied by water damage because of the fire sprinkler system and the fire hose. Firefighter use fire hose to inject water into the building for fire suppression could create a hazardous environment; it should be removed. The experts will also conduct dehumidification procedures to that there is no secondary damage.

Choose a professional commercial fire damage restoration service

You may not have experience of utility room fire or electrical fire outbreak before hence cannot tell what to look for in a fire restoration company. Because of the increase in commercial fire damage incidents, many companies have popped out to assist clients facing this kind of difficulty. Through a quick background check, you will be able to find a fire restoration specialist with hands on fire damage restoration experience.

Find out whether the company has specialized equipment and tools for commercial fire damage restoration. They must have a full knowledge and understanding plus the application of psychrometry. Besides, having a good reputation in creating a detailed plan for fire restoration.

After long hours of fire suppression, the fire sprinkler system, firefighter using fire truck and fire hose to combat the fire leaves a trail of mess and destruction. The only relief you can have as a business owner it to hire a professional team that could complete the fire restoration service quickly and is back on your feet again.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Addressing Commercial Fire Damage

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Addressing Commercial Fire Damage

Very few things in life are more challenging than addressing the aftermath of a fire in home or fire in business. Indeed, when it comes to fire in home or fire in business, commercial fire damage presents particular challenges. If you face commercial fire damage, there are a number of key strategies that you need to bear in mind to effectively address the matter of fire damage restoration.

Emergency Commercial Fire Damage Services

One key strategy that you need to employ after a fire in business is accessing a restoration company that provides emergency fire cleanup services. With commercial fire damage, you definitely need the assistance of a restoration company that can be immediately at the scene.

Although fire in home board up is important, fire in business board up can be even more crucial. In the aftermath of a fire in business, there likely remains property within the premises that need to be fully secured. The only way this can be accomplished after fire in business is via immediate board up. In addition, board up also ensures that the premises do not face further degradation following a fire.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Specialists

When it comes to fire damage at a business, you really need to turn to a commercial fire damage restoration specialist. This type of restoration company understands the unique needs of a business following a fire. Keep in mind that there are commercial remediation services that focus or specialize in specific types of commercial of business properties. For example, there are restoration company options that specialize in remediation damage from a fire in retail spaces.

For example, it is vital that your business be out of commission for the shortest period of time possible. A restoration company with experience in commercial fire damage understands the need for remediation work to be undertaken efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Cost Factors and Commercial Fire Damage

After a fire in home, attention must be paid to the costs associated with fire cleanup. The same is true when it comes to business fire damage. A business must engage a fire damage restoration firm that charges a reasonable fee for services. The reality is that a business will likely not be bringing in money until fire damage fully is remediated. This underscores the necessity for a business to obtain the professional assistance of a fire damage remediation service for a fair and reasonable cost.

Comprehensive Fire Damage Remediation Services

A business enterprise is best served when it obtains comprehensive fire damage remediation services from a professional. This includes all aspects of remediation, including addressing smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell. When a business is able to address all aspects of damage remediation through one professional company, including dealing with smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, the task of getting the restoration process complete is accelerated. Through the efficient dealing with smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, a business will be back in operation sooner rather than later.

Qualified Specialists

Not only must a restoration company be experienced in dealing with fire cleanup, as well as addressing smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, the individual specialists associated with a firm must be appropriately qualified as well. Specialist must have a background in addressing business fire cases.

In addition to being able to tend to tasks like fire cleanup and addressing things like smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell, a specialist must also be properly licensed or certified. A fire remediation specialist must also be appropriately bonded and insured.

Reliable Estimate

In selecting a commercial fire remediation service, the manner in which estimates are provided is a fundamental consideration. You need to connect with a service that will provide a thorough inspection of the business premises. The estimate must be detailed. In addition, there are remediation services that will guarantee an estimate for damage caused by fire at a commercial property.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Four Factors to Consider When Seeking Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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Four Factors to Consider When Seeking Professional Fire Damage Restoration

In the aftermath of a fire in home or a fire in business, you need access to a reputable, reliable fire damage restoration service. When it comes to a fire in home or a fire in business, there are four key factors that you must bear in mind when it comes to finding and engaging a fire damage restoration service.

Scope of Fire Restoration Company Services

A primary factor that must be vetted when seeking assistance from a fire restoration company is scope of services. The reality is that from one fire restoration company to another, the scope of services can vary dramatically. For example, a fire restoration company may provide fire in home or fire in business fire damage assistance. Another firm may provide both fire in home and fire in business fire damage assistance.

In addition, there are companies that provide a more narrow set of services. There are firms that do everything from board up services to a full spectrum of other fire clean up assistance. On the other hand, there are firms that do not undertake assistance like property board up. In that situation, you would be left with arranging for someone else to address an issue like property board up in the aftermath of a fire. As an aside, things like property board up cannot be delayed if you discover a particular restoration company will not assist you in this manner.

Reputation of Fire Damage Specialists

The reputation of fire damage restoration specialists is crucial. When considering fire damage restoration specialists, you need to consider the training of these individuals. In addition, you need to look at whether fire damage restoration specialists appropriately are licensed, bonded, and insured. You must make certain that these professionals appropriately are covered in all of these vital areas. The failure to double check these issues can expose you to an unnecessary risk when it comes to addressing fire damage in your home or business.

Technology Utilized in the Fire Clean Up Process

There can be some fairly substantial differences when it comes to the technology used in fire damage restoration. These includes the technology utilized to address issues like smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and fire cleanup more generally. Indeed, you also need to understand what chemicals and processes will be used to address issues like smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and fire cleanup in your specific situation.

In effectively dealing with issues like smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and fire cleanup, in most situations, the latest incarnation of appropriate technology oftentimes is the best and most effective. You need not obtain a thesis on equipment to deal with issues like smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage, and fire cleanup, however you do need a general understanding of how it will work.

As an aside, you will also want to obtain information about the chemicals and processes that will be utilized to address these primary issues associated with a fire. You might prefer a more "green" approach to addressing the ramifications of a fire. There are companies in business today that do take a "green" approach to fire recovery efforts.

Cost of Residential and Commercial Fire Damage Services

The fourth factor you need to bear in mind when seeking residential or commercial fire damage services is cost. The reality is that there can be a fairly significant disparity in residential and commercial fire damage services. Although it is imperative to obtain professional assistance in a prompt manner, you do need to allocate a least some time to comparison and price shop between different residential and commercial fire damage services to ensure that you obtain the best price for effective professional assistance.
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How to Recover Your Home or Business After Fire Damage

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How to Recover Your Home or Business After Fire Damage

There is no knowing when a fire disaster can strike. A fire accident can occur in any neighborhood, and fire damage has the same effects whether it happens in a new house or an old one. Since there is no guessing where or how a fire can occur, it is imperative that you know the steps required in the case of fire damage. Having this information will help you recover faster and in a less stressful way.

When a fire accident happens in your home, there is bound to be some amount of damages. Fire damages your upholstery, paintwork and if left to burn for long, it can bring a whole house down. In this piece, we outline the process of recovering your home after fire damage.
The process of fire damage restoration is one that requires patience, skill and tact. The level of damage should be best evaluated by skilled personnel who will then recommend the best approaches to restoration. Some of the simpler ways to classify fire damage include:

Smoke Damage

In the aftermath of a fire in home or a fire in business, there is a sizable number of items that are not directly affected by the flames. However, some of these items are affected by smoke. The most easily noticeable evidence of smoke damage is the smoke smell.

As a fire razes its way through a building, it produces a thick smoke that is dark with soot. Soot damages your upholstery, ceilings and much more.
Apart from smoke damage and soot damage, a fire in home premises may damage pipes and cables.
The process of restoration in your home or business after commercial fire damage will involve the following steps:

Fires are unpredictable, and you should get permission from your local fire department before attempting to enter the damaged premises. There have been known instances of fires restarting or weakened buildings crumbling, and you do not want to be a statistic of such misfortune.

For the process of fire damage restoration to be successful, expert advice is necessary at all levels. You will require a professional to assess the soot damage and smoke damage for you. The professional will also advise you on how to go about the fire cleanup process.

It is imperative to secure the premises after a fire. As you ponder your next step in fire damage restoration, you will realize that the unsecured premises are prone to looters. Looting and vandalism will only cost you more hence the need for securing the property.

Fire damage restoration involves a lot of cleanups. Fire cleanup can be done by professionals, or you can do it yourself in some instances. You need to consider the extent of smoke damage and soot damage for example, before deciding on how to undertake the fire cleanup. In the event of commercial fire damage, it is advisable to engage the services of a professional cleanup company.

After fire cleanup, there remains a lot of freshening up and airing to be done. You might find it necessary to leave the windows open for some time. Where you have young children, it is highly recommended that you keep them away from the property until the restoration process is done. The smoke smell can be eliminated by using air fresheners and keeping the house well ventilated.A layer of new paint or varnish may help do away with the smoke smell too. In dealing with commercial fire damage, the elimination of smoke smell will involve professionals since most cases of fires in business are hardly handled by individuals.

When you are dealing with a fire in home or a fire in business premises, you will need to inform your insurance company before you can embark on any restoration activity. A commercial fire damage case will normally take more professional and legal advice before you can do restoration as compared to a fire in home case scenario. However, it is recommended that you always have the contacts of a fire restoration company handy. Since it is almost impossible to know when a fire in business or home premises will occur, it is always wise to know who you can call for such emergencies.
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The Need for Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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The Need for Professional Fire Damage Restoration

A fire is an extraordinarily stressful event for a family or business. The structure of your home or business may have been compromised, possessions have been damaged by smoke, water or soot, and anything that can possibly be salvaged will need to be carefully cleaned.

It can be difficult to return to normal after an event like this, but there are many professionals that can assist with the fire damage restoration process. Many of these professional companies will properly clean your home or business of the unpleasant smoke smell, smoke damage and soot damage.

After The Trucks Leave

It’s important to limit your movement inside your home or business after fire damage. This prevents soot particles from becoming embedded in the carpets and furniture, causing further soot damage. Keep your hands clean as well to avoid further contamination with walls and other belongings. If you can, you should try to cover furniture and carpets, especially high-traffic areas, with clean towels or old sheets so that workers can walk around in the space without further contaminating it.

The fire department or the city where your business operates or where you live will likely contact the utility companies to have the power and any gas lines turned off for safety reasons. In a home or business with ductwork, air vents and a furnace, change the HVAC filter and cover the air registers with cheesecloth to prevent further soot and dust from entering your home or business’s heating system.

Why Use a Professional?

Professional fire damage restoration technicians and service providers can help restore your home or business to its previous state before it sustained water and fire damage. Professional restoration technicians have industrial equipment and training to properly clean, dry out and eradicate smoke damage and soot damage.

Insurance Companies

Professional fire damage and fire cleanup services also work directly with your insurance company to handle all the paperwork involved and to accurately assess all of the damage and apply an appropriate value to your belongings, and ensure that a complete fire damage and restoration service is carried out. They assist with repairs and remove water from firefighting efforts.

Unseen Damage

Professional fire restoration companies can also help restore areas with unseen damage, such as mold and mildew in the walls. Water that’s used for firefighting efforts accumulates in living areas and can cause mold and mildew damage over time, but professional cleaners will help mitigate these events and destroy these substances before they affect your family and structure.

Wall Smoke Damage

The interior and exterior walls of your home will have soot damage and smoke damage after fire damage. These professional fire restoration and fire cleanup companies can help you clean your walls properly. Soot is really greasy stuff and can be very difficult to remove from wallpapered or painted walls. Professional services have the tools and equipment necessary to properly clean your interior.

Repair Floor and Carpet

Professional fire cleanup services can help you repair and replace damaged floor and carpet that will likely take the brunt of most of the damage, including being soaked with water and smoke smell. Carpets typically need to be torn up and replaced, while vinyl, linoleum or hardwood flooring also needs to be pulled up and dried out. A professional fire cleanup and damage restoration company can assist you with this and provide expert service.

Cleaning Clothing

This is best left to professional laundry or dry cleaning services to get the smoke smell out of the fabrics. It’s very difficult to get soot stains or smoke smells out of clothing yourself. Many dry cleaning businesses or fire damage restoration companies have experience with cleaning fire-damaged clothing. Visit for more information on fire damage.

What to Do and Where to Stay After a Significant Home Fire

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After any serious fire, SERVPRO professionals can assist you immediately in board-up and fire restoration services. Call us today for any fire needs!

Nobody expects to have residential fire yet alone deal with the uncertainties of the restoration and the aftermath. A residential fire can be catastrophic, and the family is forced to deal with a significant disruption to their daily lives.

Families are often relocated to stay with relatives or temporarily live in a hotel until the fire damage restoration is complete. Children and adults are removed from their familiar surroundings and forced to modify their lifestyle until they can safely return to their home. Of course, most Oxford Valley fire damage is not so severe that displace is needed. This is a major inconvenience that nobody is prepared to deal with regardless of how good the emergency preparedness plan proves to be. Aside from the initial shock factor, people may take a few days off of work to deal with the fire damage and work with their insurance company. This leads to unplanned time off of work, and they may end up losing a portion of their income. SERVPRO works with your insurance adjuster to arrive at a plan of restoration that is fair to you. We even help with the paperwork.
Not only is a residential fire unexpected, but it is also associated with a tremendous deal of stress and unanticipated financial expenses. Personal property and the structural inspections by our company can offer what we think are salvageable, non-salvageable, and questionable items. This includes heirlooms, art, and electronics. You and your insurance company make the final determination. Trying to settle a family into temporary living quarters is not easy and requires everyone to get adjusted to a new routine. Check with your local American Red Cross for assistance and shelter. Basic needs have to be addressed such as clothing, hygiene, bathing, eating, and sleeping in a safe place.
During this difficult time, families are making the necessary adjustments to resume life as planned while waiting patiently to hear the outcome of their home. In a time of uncertainties, you can place your trust in the experts at SERVPRO of Levittown. Contact us at (215) 785-1777 to help you deal with the residential fire and walk you through the steps of the process. We can restore your home, reduce your stress, and provide a final walk through to guarantee your satisfaction with your restored property.

9 Smoke Odor Removal Musts

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A technician inspects the extent of the damage and formulates a plan of action.

February 2, 2017

Mark Gibson 

I live in a crack house. Well, it used to be a crack house until the new owner threw out the old tenants and restored the home, to the relief of the neighborhood. But I’m afraid that it wasn’t completely restored. I’m a non-smoker, and on humid days the smell of cigarette smoke can be pretty pervasive in some rooms. I’m guessing a lot of it may come from the popcorn ceiling that was only painted over when it probably should have been removed. But on fire restoration jobs, this is a much bigger issue.

One of the most critical concerns for fire restoration contractors is failing to control or eradicate odors. This problem can lead to frustrated customers as well as potential legal and financial dangers. Eliminating this problem is made more difficult when remodeling work was undertaken by either inexperienced homeowners or unprofessional contractors, as their alterations may have contributed to hidden places for fire and smoke damage to linger.

Remediating a fire loss may also take longer, meaning you might have to wait a while before you’re paid. In fact, some contractors have avoided getting involved in fire restoration because it seems too complicated. But it’s not, as long as you appreciate the principles and correct techniques of fire restoration and odor control. Here are some things to remember:

  • Make sure there’s a straightforward exchange of information between you, the customer, the insurance adjuster and any possible subcontractors. Communicating clearly and setting expectations is a critical component of the job.
  • Get a written agreement from the homeowner on exactly what areas have been damaged by the fire and what items should be salvaged or discarded. You don’t want them coming back to you later claiming you’ve trashed an heirloom or didn’t finish the job.
  • The way that fire and water damage jobs are handled do have some similarities, but they can’t be interchanged. Confirm that only techs with at least a Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT) certification are allowed to work on the site. Being Odor Control Technician (OCT) certified is also helpful.
  • Smoke and fire residues can be poisonous, as fires can include the demolition of plastic, foam, fabric, carpet, wood products, synthetic textiles, and asbestos-containing materials. Ash and smoke can also cause widespread corrosion, etching and staining, as well as persistent powerful odors. So removing these and their sources should be your first priority.
  • If the damage is localized, contain those areas to assist in removing odors.
  • Carefully inspect all areas that may have numerous layers of wall board. These may hide unexpected gaps and voids that turn into superhighways for circulating smoke and odor.
  • Examine all wall cavities, duct work, and plumbing chases to establish whether they suffered any smoke residue or fire damage.
  • Use a borescope to discover any damage that may otherwise have been impossible to see without having to completely remove a part of the structure. If the fire is recent, use of a thermal imaging camera may reveal hidden warmer areas, indicating possible fire damage.
  • Aside from losing their valuables, the majority of homeowners are underinsured. They may even have to take up temporary lodging. So you’re going to be dealing with some very distraught people. Train yourself and your employees on how to be empathetic and ways to successfully communicate with them.

Fire restoration jobs can be profitable but also tricky unless handled properly. Prepare well, otherwise you’re the one who may get burned.